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Professional Communicator


Blogging & Content Creation

I always knew I would be a writer - I like to say I wrote my first fan fiction when I was six (a spinoff of Blue's Clues). In November 2016, I started blogging about my experience as a college girl with anxiety. Haley Marie Blog eventually became both an outlet and a side hustle, generating thousands of unique monthly visitors. My blog closed its doors in 2018, but I have not ceased to write. You can now find me at Lovely and Lazy (www.lovelyandlazyblog.wordpress.com), where I blog about living with mental illness and IBS. I also published a novel, Wilder and Wilder, in October 2018 (available for purchase on Amazon).


Social Media & Brand Partnerships

As a blogger, I discovered my passion for influencer marketing. My social media expertise lies in Pinterest; at the height of its popularity, Haley Marie Blog received 98K monthly unique visitors on Pinterest. During this time, I had many opportunities to create sponsored content through brand partnerships with Warby Parker, Go Macro, Smile Brilliant, care/of vitamins, Curology and more. My work study position at the Boston University Dance Program also allowed me to completely rebrand the initiative on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this role, I authored a style guide, designed a freestanding banner, staffed a conference booth and compiled a social media binder for my successor. Thanks to this experience, I have an intimate knowledge of Hubspot, Google Analytics & Adsense, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Buffer, Hootsuite, Tailwind and Reg Online.


Public & Nonprofit Sector

My recovery from anxiety and depression deeply shaped who I am as a person. Thus, giving back to the mental health community is an issue close to my heart. The need for comprehensive healthcare reform drove me to be a fellow on the Massachusetts Coordinated Democratic Campaign in 2018, to advocate for candidates passionate about mental healthcare, and to intern with Rep. Kate Hogan, Chair of the Public Health Committee here in Massachusetts, to learn all I could about passing effective healthcare legislation. I am also familiar with the nonprofit sector, having interned at Massachusetts Advocates for Children. There, one of my major responsibilities was to design their 2017 Annual Report in Adobe InDesign. As a result of these experiences, I am deeply familiar with development, canvassing and phone banking, as well as the Vote Builder and Mini VAN softwares for campaign management.